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Help Wanted
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David Scott is an eclectic author.  He has written four suspense thrillers Help Wanted, Sig Alert, Demarcation and Pulse using the same main characters that can be read standalone, or as part of a series. He has also written a dark comedy romance Crazy About My Job, a science fiction thriller adventure romance titled Zeta 2 Reticuli, a historical novel Reunion and a romance novel Reasons. These books are available on  He is currently working on a love story crime drama called Forbidden Fruit. In addition to writing books David enjoys listening to classical music, jazz, oldies songs and is a Los Angeles Lakers and Star Trek fan.  

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Josh and Lynn Rand's pet store goes under causing a rift between them triggering negative ripple effects.  They reunite.  Josh finds himself in the U.S. Army with Lynn by his side.  How will they deal with this new challenge while having adventures together in Europe and then in California including one adventure that is out of this world?  Find out in Green! 


Vic Fontaine was enamored with Dulce Bravo.  Circumstances separated them for twelve years.  Circumstances bring them together again.  They meet in Laguna Beach, California.  Will Vic and Dulce find love?  Find out in Reasons! 

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The emotional and sexual romantic relationship between student Harry Richards and teacher Cindy LaForge grow exponentially. Readers are given a tour de force of how the intense relationship between Cindy and Harry evolves. Backstories include Cindy's estranged husband, Cindy's and Harry's joint efforts to keep their relationship secret, their shared mental health, and drug addiction issues, exploration of some kinky sexual gymnastics, and their deep feelings for each other. They unknowingly become involved in Cold War intrigue and international espionage in the 1970s involving a renegade KGB agent and an FBI agent leading to mayhem and murder.


Robert Allen was the son of a plantation owner. Sammy Allen was the son of a slave living on the same plantation. They became best friends in 1850 when they were ten years old. How did the turbulence of the 1850s and the Civil War affect their friendship and their lives? Find out in Reunion! 

Shadows of Passion
Zeta 2 Reticuli

Prescott Barr and Priscilla Waterford are two brilliant young physicists recruited to work at the secret base Area 51 north of Las Vegas. While the backdrop of the plot is anchored by science fiction, the two main characters Prescott Barr and Priscilla Waterford experience romance, comedy and drama as they make their journey through the story.  Prescott and Priscilla steal a flying saucer from Area 51 and travel to the planet Serpo circling the binary star Zeta 2 Reticuli.  What happens when Prescott and Priscilla arrive at Serpo? Find out in Zeta 2 Reticuli!

Help Wanted

Mixing romance  mystery and intrigue Help Wanted is a story about two people who fall in love while pursuing a serial killer. Darcy Garcia, a police analyst,and Peter Dale, a sports writer,are thrust into investigating cold case homicides involving an elusive killer. Will this unlikely crime fighting duo catch the killer before he strikes again?  Find the answer s in Help Wanted.

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Sig Alert
Sig Alert by David Scott

Darcy Garcia, a police analyst and Peter Dale, a sports writer frantically work to stop an attack on Los Angeles by terrorists.  The future of Los Angeles hangs in the balance. Can they figure out what will happen and when it will happen in time enough to stop it?  “‘Sig Alert’ is contemporary and involves two ordinary people who become involved in an extraordinary situation,” Scott says. “It describes a hypothetical situation that could arise in Los Angeles or anywhere else in America in the age of terrorism. It is a good read and a page turner right to the end of the story.”

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Darcy Garcia, Peter Dale and their team apply their investigative skills to help an archaeologist locate the greatest archaeological find of the ages.  Darcy and Peter overcome danger and intrigue in an exciting and action-packed story that continues to keep you riveted in high suspense until the end. The theme of the book will appeal to students of Christian and Jewish biblical prophecy. 

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Five years ago, Darcy Garcia and Peter Dale and their team took down the Princips terrorist group. Now, the Princips are back with plans to conquer the earth. Darcy, Peter, and their team are the only ones who can stop them. Will they succeed again?


“The threat of terrorist or enemy attacks using electromagnetic pulse is becoming a national security concern according to contemporary news and magazine articles I have been reading,” Scott says. “This book describes a situation that could arise anywhere in America and the world in the age of terrorism.”


David Scott did online research on the consequences of an attack by electromagnetic pulse, also known as EMP. This research prompted him to write “Pulse” the sequel to the prequels of the suspense thrillers, “Help Wanted,” “Sig Alert” and “Demarcation” using the same characters.

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Crazy About My Job

Ralph Dumas lost the job he’d had for eleven years. Then his wife divorced him for not being ambitious enough in his career. Ralph is hired as the Human Resources Manager at a company called Spendler Shoes. Norma Bates, the receptionist at Spendler Shoes, is planning to divorce her husband who is in prison. Find out how Norma and Ralph beat the odds and find true love with each other despite their different backgrounds and the craziness that is going on all around them.





Title: Shadows of Passion

Author: David Scott

Publisher: Global Summit House

Publication date: April 12, 2021



Shadows of Passion by David Scott is a historical fiction, blending passionate romance with intriguing crime drama. Set in 1973, the story follows the life of Harold ‘Harry’ Richards, an introverted high school senior and his relationship with his teacher, Cindy La Forge. Frank La Forge, Cindy’s estranged husband is a mid-level engineer at NASA. He is involved in a top-secret project and this attracts KGB’s attention. He is caught in the web of blackmailing and this invites the FBI’s surveillance. Who will come to the top in this game? Who will prevail and who will suffer?

David Scott has skillfully woven multiple threads of parallel stories in this novel. He has artistically blended various complicated issues such as romance, crime, murders, mental health and drug abuse in a single story. Harry and Cindy’s romance has multiple layers. This unlikely relationship is perceived as adultery by the outside world. But in reality, they are connected through deepest human emotions which no one else can comprehend. The intensity of desire for both physical and mental intimacy is portrayed beautifully in the story. These two characters are very well written. Their individuality is explored to a great extent.

How can you complicate a passionate romance? David Scott has the perfect answer: introduce a crime thread to the story. KGB indulges in people’s lives ruthlessly. They don’t care about the lives they crush on the way. They simply see their mission. The author accurately portrays how easily these secret organizations manipulate people for their needs. The plot also sheds light on the psychological techniques they used to manipulate others. The trap is set not only for catching the prey but also for keeping it there for the rest of its life.

The novel displays impeccable storytelling skills. It is essentially a good thriller. It keeps you on the edge of the seat with suspense. You cannot predict the climax. It is unique and befitting to the story. These characters will stay with us even after the closure for sure.


The Moving Words LLC, 30 North Gould St., Sheridan, WY 82801,

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